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Live everyday fully, Out in the open,  Proud of the miracle human you are!

Live Out Proud 


 Our first conference for GBTQ men was a tremendous success, bringing together individuals from across The United States to share their experiences and build connections. 

  We have created something that is definitely necessary and we hope you can be a part of the next one. 

  We will be having more events and you don't want to miss it! 

 Make sure you subscribe so you stay updated on future events and opportunities to connect!

 We hope to meet you soon!

Adam and Kirk

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Live Out Proud

T-shirts to Empowerment

 Live Out Proud was started to be a fun project that allowed Kirk and Adam to participate in Pride events around the country.  It is a brand and phrase that we love and see it as the embodiment of living your truth with all the intricate details that encompass your being.  

 As the idea for Live Out Proud grew they shifted to a focus on creating events and spaces that allow individuals to grow into their true self.  Events centered around empowerment and self affirmation, information delivered in a fun way from a group of speakers that have similar journeys to yourself . With this shift we organized as a non profit and planned our first event, the Live Out Proud conference. 

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