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Welcome to a space where GBTQ men can be themselves!

Join us at the Live Out Proud Conference, where empowerment meets community. We have five dynamic speakers ready to inspire!. Here, you'll find more than just words; you'll discover a space where barriers dissolve, allowing you to embrace your authentic self!


Check Out the Speakers below!

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Your Ticket Includes:

Access to Interactive workshops 

Guest Speaker Access

Swag Bag of Goodies

2 Drinks at the LOP After Party

(Hosted by Denver Sweet afterwards)

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Queer Men's Conference Speakers

Step into a supportive community at the Live Out Proud Conference, a transformative one-day event created for GBT men. With a lineup of five dynamic speakers, our conference offers enriching talks, workshops, and networking opportunities that foster connection, and empowerment within our community. Join us and embark on a journey towards embracing your authentic selves.


                                                    Register, and get your Tickets today!!

Nationally Recognized Speakers & Coaches!

    Meet The Speakers

    Our talented speakers will be presenting workshops all day on subjects varying from sexual satisfaction to recovering from religious trauma.

    Isaac Archuleta, MA, LPC

    After confronting devastating questions of sexuality and gender with parents who pastored a conservative church, Isaac quickly realized there were very few resources for his family. He also learned that there were very few safe places where he could learn about his true identity without judgment or predetermined agendas. Over 10 years later, Isaac has grown the iAmClinic team to 10+ therapists and launched a sister company, iAmCouncil, to provide life and relationship coaching to individuals nationwide!

    Check out Isaac's socials

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    Jae Windley

    Jae Windley is a writer and LGBTQ-affirmative psychology Master's graduate currently pursuing his license in Illinois. 

    "Nurturing the Inner Gay Child"

    Which will teach you:

    • How to talk to your inner queer child

    • How to tap into your self-expression

    • Bring more fun, joy, pleasure and less guilt into your life

    Adam Brooks, PhD

    Dr. Adam Sharples Brooks is a nationally renowned public speaker with a Ph.D in Communication and Information Sciences, an M.A. in Communication Studies, and a background in Public Relations. His research focuses on rhetoric in the areas of diversity, identity, and cultural studies. 

    "Cleaning Our Closets: Strategies for Investing in Our Empowerment"

    Which will teach you:

    • Identify how narratives of the closet may shape your self-belief

    • Learn how to stop doubting and discover YOUR TRUE voice

    • How to feel like you can belong anywhere

    Check out
    Adam's socials

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    Mike Iamele

    Mike has been helping men with sexual satisfaction and trauma for over a decade helping hundreds of men. 

    "Good Boys, Bad Boys, Better Sex"

    Which will teach you:

    • Understand why any kink or fantasy turns you on so much.

    • Laugh and feel more connected to other gay men on a topic we all struggle with!

    • Feel confident talking to a partner about what you really want without fear of rejection.

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    Mike's socials!

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    Eli Honeycut

    Eli is a coach and entrepreneur who focuses on leadership and vision. 

    "Embracing Your Queer Superpower"

    Which will teach you:

    • Reveal the power of your queer perspective

    • How to leverage your unique personality without an apology

    • Understanding how your perspective is formed and shaped

    Check out Eli's socials

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    Venue:  The Denver Evans School

    The Denver Evans School is a historic venue with

    • Street Parking

    • Walkable Restaurants and Cafes

    • 7 blocks from the after-party (Denver Sweet)

      • Get 2 free drinks with ticket purchase​

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